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American Association of Settlement Consultants


Continuing Education

Chairs: Brian Schachter, Porter Leslie
Mission: Plan forward-thinking content for conferences and continuing education (CE) programs

Legs & Regs

Chairs: John McCulloch, Robin Young-Ellis
Mission: Monitor potential legal and regulatory issues that may impact the settlement planning industry


Chairs: Ryan Garrison, Johnny Meyer 
Mission: Create educational materials for settlement consultants and other industry stakeholders


Chair: Bryan Milner
Mission: Conduct development, recruitment, retention, and fundraising activities to support the AASC’s mission 

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Chairs: Louis Masry, Jay Scarola
Mission: Work with the AASC’s membership to set our legislative agenda and priorities 

Structured Settlement Evolution

Chairs: Randy Levine, Kimberly Overby
Mission: Develop programs and initiatives to support the evolution of the  settlement planning industry 

Provider Committee

Chairs: TBD
Mission: Advise AASC leadership on product-related issues and ideas

Industry Committee

Chairs: Brad Cantwell
Mission: Address industry-wide issues, as jointly identified by the committee and AASC President

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