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American Association of Settlement Consultants


AASC has different membership types based upon the member's role in the settlement industry. Membership is required to attend AASC Conferences and operates on a calendar year basis (January 1 to December 31).

Producing Member

 This membership is for individuals that have a life insurance license who are contracted and/or employed by a member structured settlement agency. ($1,500/ annually)

Associate Member

This membership is for structured settlement agency case managers and home office employees. ($300/annually) 

Agency Member

Each structured settlement agency must join as an agency if any of their employees want to join as Producing or Associate Members. This is not a requirement that every person at the agency join. ($2,500/annually) 

Affiliate Member

This membership is for law firms, government entities, nonprofits and other trade associations who want to attend AASC events or show their support for the settlement planning industry.  ($1,000/annually) 

Attorney Alliance Member

This membership is for trial attorneys, both plaintiff and defense, who want to show their support for and learn about the settlement planning industry through AASC webinars, newsletters and conferences. (Complimentary)

Partner Member

This membership is for life companies, trust companies, financial institutions, mediation companies and other settlement industry vendors. ($5,000-$50,000/annually) 

Additional Partner Membership

Each partnership type comes with a certain number of individual memberships included. For partners who want to add additional employee members, they can utilize this membership. ($300/annually)