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American Association of Settlement Consultants



AASC is a member driven organization, led by leaders in the structured settlement industry who are committed to modernizing the industry and growing the marketplace. 

Board of Directors
President: Rebekah Reedy Miller, Sage Settlement Consulting
President-elect: Tory Owens, Tory Owens Structured Settlements
Treasurer: Donald Jowers, Forge
Secretary: Kevin Silo, Kipnes Crowley Group

Douglas Arnest, 360 Financial
Chad Ettmueller, JCR Settlements
Bill Goodman, NFP Structured Settlements

Jeff Klugerman, Ringler
John McCulloch, Arcadia
Brett Newman, Newman Settlement Services Group
Kimberly Overby, Sage Settlement Consulting
Tory Owens, Tory Owens Structured Settlement
Randy Simard, Chronovo
Robin Young-Ellis, Robin Young & Co, Summit Settlement Services